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Flourishing with Floral Design

The New Leaf is a South Molton retailer offering a range of beautiful indoor plants, premium soil mixes and plant care, with a focus on well-being and mindfulness.


A logo for high street house plant retailer and plant care expert based in South Molton, North Devon.

The New Leaf was looking to open a new shop in 2022 that prides itself on supplying beautiful indoor plants in a welcoming, peaceful, environment with a focus and understanding of plant’s benefit for a persons mental and physical health. The main business offering is plants to suit any space and budget, alongside a range of premium soil mixes and soil expertise to provide the perfect home for your plant.

The audience would be broad and would include residents or visitors to South Molton, plant lovers of all ages, so logo needed to be both sophisticated and welcoming.

Logo and Brand Design Moodboard
Hand drawn lightbulb


Here are the initial logo design concepts presented at PHASE#1 of Pie's logo design process:


Final Design

The final design was based on. concept three, the pretty and quite traditional illustrated logo that includes a subtle 'well-being' or 'open-handed' icon above the word-mark, to suggest the business' focus on a plant’s benefits to a persons mental and physical health.

The beautiful hues found on the Tradescantia leaves opens the opportunity to use deep maroon, bright pinks, sage green alongside a grey blue.