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Capture attention

and user interaction

with creativity


{and a touch
  of blue light}

Did you know that as humans, we remember 80% of what we see but only 10-20% of what we read or hear?...

Wow. That's why it's so important to consider your visuals when it comes to presenting your business and brand message digitally.


Do you know if your customers instantly recognise your brand when they see it at presentations, or on online platforms? Do your customers trust your brand and align with it's values when they download your e-book, brochure or receive a newsletter from you?


Pie can help you to create positive emotions in your audience by making sure your story and brand style remains consistent across all digital platforms. Your customers will be more inclined to trust your brand and ultimately, good, consistent design encourages interaction and creates brand loyalty. 


Digital design

Let's show your customers that you understand what they care about and boost your digital presence by developing well crafted, brand consistent visuals that are not only informative and functional but above all, visually appealing.


Pie is available to create you designs for:


  • Online banner & display adverts
  • Social media 
  • Websites
  • E-books
  • Interactive brochures
  • Digital newsletters
  • Screen presentations
  • Email templates
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"We have worked with Pie on a number of digital marketing projects now, ranging from logo & web branding design through to Social and email marketing and what always really impresses me is her ability to provide incredible designs that are completely unique, have a real stand out “wow” factor, and
are 100% on brief."

Kelly Logan | SME Marketeers | 2024

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More digital design by Pie

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e-commerce website design and social media graphics for natural plant based, self care products

After producing a logo re-design, Pie created graphic elements for the 'Mother Earth' e-commerce website and social media platforms to highlight the product benefits and establish the new brand colours.


The website design elements and specifics were supplied as a guide to their website developer who hen built and further developed the site.

Auto accessory e-commerce website design and build

The launch of Rimblades' new 'Original' alloy wheel rim protector product meant an e-commerce website design overhaul! In 2022 Pie designed and built this website working alongside back-end developers from Move Media. The project involved creating striking and persuasive banner graphics to highlight the key benefits and features of the product.

Social media, screen presentation, product visuals and e-book design for a creator of herbal formulas

Expert Herbalist launched with an e-commerce website in 2020 with the view to making natural medicine available to all. The website launch involved Pie who created product visuals, social media graphics, an on screen presentation and interactive e-book.