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Introducing Pie's

'Rule of 3'...

A simple

logo design process

{tried & tested}

With the understanding that you want a professional logo design solution that meets all your needs Pie's logo design process is simple, effective and consists of 3 key phases, the first is the creation of 3 well thought out and functional logo concepts (not a bunch of half baked ideas)...


To ensure that you're not overwhelmed with too many logo design choices the 3 logo design concepts provided will not only fulfill your creative brief, but be distinctly different from each other and explore various design directions, leaving you feeling confident with your final choice and excited for your new logo and accompanying brand style.

Let's take  a closer look at what each phase entails...

A quick overview:

Hand drawn magnifying glass
Phase #01
Sketch of deer antler with Indian inspired detail


  • Collating data on competitors

  • Research for design direction & inspiration

  • Mood board creation



  • Conceptualising & sketching

  • Drafting digital designs in vector software

  • Establishing fonts colour palettes, creating patterns, sourcing images

  • Creating logo variations to work in all instances




  • Create appropriate mock ups & visuals of the logo in use

  • Produce a comprehensive presentation to showcase all design concepts, outlining key elements for client review.

Hand drawn tick in a box and a cross
Phase #02


  • Receiving feedback from clients

  • Revamping the design

  • Crafting a new presentation to highlight the updated design

  • Forwarding the changes for client evaluation

  • Waiting for feedback or approval of final design.

Logo before and after changes made at Phase #02
Hand drawn heart with lines
Hand drawn open box with gift tag
Phase #03



Once Phase #02 is completed and your logo design has been approved:

  • Create and supply a comprehensive library of web and print ready files of your final logo, ensuring that you have all the variations you need.

  • Create a concise logo guidelines document that outlines specific color references for both print and web, font styles used, spacing and presentation rules and a detailed list of all logo files and assets supplied.

Hand drawn folder with Design by Pie logo
Torn paper with moodboard images
Hand drawn sqiggky line

Before we start...

Submit your
creative brief

Hand drawn cartoon of Pie reading a creative brief, Design by Pie

Pie's creative brief asks the right questions to ensure that everyone is on the same page before quoting for and starting a logo design project.

It's an editable document asks you for information about the key benefits of your business, who your ideal clients would be, how you want to be perceived by them, what styles you like, who are your main competitors are and more. Please complete in as much detail as possible and email back to Pie. Or give Pie a call to chat through the creative brief.

Phase #01

After receiving your creative brief, Pie's goal is to provide you with three well-thought-out and practical logo design options during PHASE#01.

Often, one of these initial concepts becomes the perfect fit with minimal adjustments needed. A lot of effort goes into this phase, conducting thorough research on your competitors, seeking inspiration for design styles, drafting logos, and creating mood boards. Pie then creates a comprehensive presentation that showcases all three design concepts, highlighting the key elements of each concept and showing the logo in use with suitable mock-ups and visuals for client review. Here's a bit more about what's involved:

Photo of Mood Board images from Design by Pie's logo design research
Hand drwan arrow
Polaroid of Mood Board images from Design by Pie's logo design research
Selection of competitor research from Design by Pie's presentations

Evaluating the brand

Gathering information about your business and researching your competitors is an essential part of the logo design and branding process.


Understanding your competitors design and branding style(s) is crucial to help Pie create appropriate designs to set yourself apart from them.

Research & inspiration

This part is where the creativity comes in. It includes conceptualising, sketching and coming up with ideas for the logo.

When it comes to brand styles and logo concept directions, Pie finds joy in creating mood boards that are bursting with inspiration for each logo concept direction.

Selection of Mood Boards created by Design by Pie at Pahse #01
Torn paper with colour swatches and botanical design by Design by Pie
Hand drawn arrow
Selection of logo designs with detail created by Design by Pie at Pahse #01
Logo design sketches on note pad paper

Logo concept development

This is the part where the magic of design happens - selecting the ideal font styles and color palettes, and crafting digital renditions of the logo designs using vector software.


This also involves producing all the potential versions of your logo, such as portrait, landscape and monochrome.


You'll not only get to understand the reasons for the design directions Pie's created but will also be able to visualise your logo and brand style 'in action' with appropriate mocks making this a comprehensive presentation of design ideas. 


All logos will be showcased in a digital .pdf presentation which will be sent to you via email. The presentation will outline the key design elements and specifics of each logo and brand design, colour palettes, fonts and you'll see your design demonstrated with a range of mock-ups that will demonstrate the designs as Pie envisages them.

The designs are all simply suggestions at this phase, and are open to adjustments should you want to see them, which brings us on to the next phase...

Hand drwan arrow
Phase #02

After considering the initial concepts, Pie is eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions and is open to making any tweaks or changes to the designs that you may want to see. It could be as simple as changing the color or experimenting with a different font.


Pie offers two rounds of revisions to the initial logo design concepts at no extra cost, as long as the changes requested are within the scope of the initial brief and can be completed within one hour (per round).


For any further changes, adjustments, or revisions to the initial designs, there will be a charge at Pie's standard hourly rate.

Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed upon with the client before proceeding with the work.

Design by Pie branded open box with text
Hand drawn tick in a box and cross
Selection of pages from Design by Pie's logo guidelines docuemnts
Selection of pages from Design by Pie's logo guidelines docuemnts
Hand drawn spanner in black
Selection of covers from Design by Pie's logo guidelines docuemnts
Selection of pages from Design by Pie's logo guidelines docuemnts
Hand drawn cogs
Phase #03

Once the final logo design is realised, Pie will generate and provide a comprehensive library of web and print ready logo files in all variations for your future use.

Additionally, Pie will create and supply a concise logo/brand guidelines document that will outline all the logo 'Do's & Do Not's' with specific color references for both print and web, font styles, logo spacing and presentation rules.


This document will then serve as a helpful reference for maintaining consistency across all your brand materials.

Hand drawn squiggly arrow
"Thank you so much for the final logo files.
We absolutely love them!
Finally it feels like we have a cool logo that we feel proud of and will push our business forwards.
Thank you so much for all your work."


Will Bridger | Vanlife Camper Conversions | December 2020

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