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Enlightening English Education

The Goldenwords brand was created to have a broad appeal, reflecting both professionalism and creativity, to engage with Local Councils, Educational Authorities, Head Teachers, Parents, Tutors and KS3/KS4 and GCSE students alike.


'Golden Words' is an independent business working within the education industry in the UK supplying tutors of English to KS3/KS4/GCSE takers with a need for external support.

The tutoring focuses on the importance of understanding the English language and has good literature is at it's core. The tutoring takes place 1:1 in the student's homes, in small groups or online.

The logo and brand needs to present both a professional and relatable company, with an equal appeal to adults (including: Department Heads, Councils, Tutors, Parents) and teenage English students studying for their GCSEs.

Logo and Brand Design Moodboard
Hand drawn lightbulb


Here are the initial logo design concepts presented at PHASE#1 of Pie's logo design process:


Final Design

The final logo design, based on Concept 03 provides the right sense of freedom and flight with the delicate book pages being raised like a birds wings which nicely represents the progress and potential enlightenment experienced by the students being tutored.

The brand design boasts professionalism and gravitas with its addition of a pale gold and deep navy to the colour palette. The contrasting rose and gentian blue colours work well with the dream-like watercolour gradient and accompanying nostalgic imagery.