Emma Haynes AKA Pie
'PIe" and her bully "Scout"



I'm 'Pie', a graphic designer & illustrator based in North Devon

You can have your 'slice of Pie' without paying agency prices...

When running a small business or just starting up, paying for in-house graphic designers or design agencies can be just too expensive. But that's OK, you still have access to professional graphic design.


My real name is Emma. I'm 38 and live in North Devon with my English Bull Terrier "Scout".


I provide graphic design support, develop exciting new concepts and create an array of visual solutions for a variety of clients, ranging from new business start-ups to large management companies. Whether you need a designer for a one-off project or for ongoing graphic design support - I'm available for hire.


Take a look at some of my favourite projects here. If you like what you see, why not get in touch?


I'd love to hear your story...

"I love to create designs free from the pressure of large overheads, middle management and corporate agenda. So here I am."