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Design by Pie
connects great
ideas with
graphic design solutions  

{and creative}

Design by Pie is a North Devon based, freelance graphic designer who thrives to help clients develop and maintain a strong visual identity across both print and digital media.

Handdrawn lightbulb with yellow shading
Hanad drawn cartoon sketch of Pie from Design by Pie

With over a decade of graphic design experience, Pie offers a professional, imaginative and dependable graphic design service.


Whether you're looking for creative ideas for a single project or require ongoing graphic design assistance, Pie is here to help.


Let's communicate the concepts of your product, service or organisation effectively, with professionally crafted and distinctive designs by Pie.

Hand drawn squiggly line
Hand drawn squiggly line
Polaroid of a vector vdrawing of a cat with feather by Design byPie, freelance graphic designer, North Devonr
Black print Gecko design by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
Tree drawing in black
Distressed print of black lady with alphabet hair by Design by Pie, Freelance graphic designer, North DEvon
Polaroid of a map of Woolacombe Bay by Design by Pie, Graphic designer, North Devon
Line sketch of floral logo concept by Design by Pie, Freelance Graphic Designer, North Devon
Hand drawn flag on a planet with paper plane flying and stars

Are you launching a new business?

Investing in a professional logo design creates brand loyalty among your customers, distinguishes you from your competitors and more importantly, acts as the foundation of your brand identity - which makes it essential to create a memorable and distinctive design from the get-go.


Set yourself apart from the competition and make a lasting impression with a uniquely crafted logo and brand design by Pie...

Design by Pie brand yellow and teal on Pantone swatches
Sketch of falling cat reading a book by Design by Pie

Cat reading reflex

Lines notepaper with logo design concept created by Design by Pie
Hand drawn cartoon of Pie from Design by Pie
Sketch of postcards and folded leaflet
Lined notepaper with logo design sketch
hand drawen squiggle line
Torn paper with repeat pattern design
Hand drawn squiggly joining line
Film strip with photographs of banner and packaging designs by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Dervon

If you can imagine it, Pie can create it

Bring your brand into the physical realm and directly engage with your audience with well crafted, affordable print design by Pie, the traditional and trusted way to directly engage with your audience.


Let's lave a lasting impression with your audience with well designed printed materials including product labels, packaging, business cards, postcards, flyers or brochures and provide your customers with a tangible and informative keep-sake of your brand.

Two leaf prints in black by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer
Lined notepaper with typography
Polaroid with lime, green and orange text by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
Rainbow colour swatch on torn paper with CMYK references
Sketch of Pantone book
hand drawen squiggle line
Sketch of ipad and mobile phone
Color swatches on a torn piece of paper
Lined paper with logo design created by Design by Pie
Polaroid of teal bubbles in water
Hand drawn squiggly joining line
Sketch of laptop with pen
Handdrawn hands at a typewriter by Design by Pie, Freelance graphic designer, North Devon
Torn paper with repeat pattern design by Design by PIe
Lined paper with copy on created by Design by Pie
Polaroid of haulage company website page designed by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer North Devon
Moodboard with colours and images
Hand drawn squiggly sketched line
Vintage sketch of hand pointing
Blue colour swatch with pin
swarm of swalloa in black

Build brand awareness and visibility through digital marketing

Digital platforms are an ideal way to promote your brand and engage with potential customers but when online it's crucial to consider your brand and decide on the style you wish to convey.


Let's combine this short attention span inducing technology with imagination to really engage with your customers and promote your product or service in a consistently appealing way...

sketch of fox with monacle and top hat

Quick portfolio overview

Do you need graphic design support for your printed and digital media?

In today's fast-paced, competitive and over-saturated world of advertising, it is crucial to make sure that your visual communication looks good.


Any designs you use associated with your business should not only grab the right attention but also be well considered, visually attractive and consistent with your brand's style, it’s values and core message.

Hand drawn desk lamp
Hand drawn line

Why is good and consistent design so important?

The simple answer is that we live in a visual world and humans are visual creatures. Did you know that 90% of all communication happens visually? This effectively means that every single thing we see has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions that can influence our thoughts, feelings, desires and more importantly our actions.


Your visual communication plays a crucial role in both sparking curiosity and providing answers to your audience's questions:


  • Am I interested in purchasing from this business?

  • Does this business align with my values?

  • Can I trust this business?

  • Do they seem organised and knowledgeable?

Just like you customise your products and services to meet your audience's needs, you should tailor your visual communication to leave a lasting positive impression.

Skletched cartoon of Pie holding a banner

Be in the spotlight
and shine!

Leave your audience with good and long lasting impression with Design by Pie...

Pie can help you to establish and maintain a compelling and clear visual message across print and digital media by using creativity, technical know-how, artistic skills and extensive knowledge of print and digital processes. Let's bring your design project to life!

“We love working with Pie and have done so for many years now. We always receive fantastic creative designs that showcase our brand extremely well. 
Service is fast and efficient but most important of all, Emma listens.”
"Emma's designs are beautiful and imaginative - I love them!

She's also quick, efficient and sticks to the brief.

Always a delight to work with."
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