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Mid Century Modern Logo Design

This unique logo design is representative of Reimagined Interiors' design approach and uses simple lines from mid-century modern style alongside soft, natural, botanical shapes and strong accent colours creating an intriguing and approachable identity.


'Reimagined Interiors' is an independent interior designer who creates beautiful, creative, ergonomic spaces that benefit peoples mental and physical well-being, using practical influences from classic mid century style, art-deco and Japandi.

Alex was looking a logo design that represented her own design style which is a blend of 'bringing the outdoors in' and 'mixing the old with new'. When re-creating spaces, Reimgained Interiors loves to use elements from 1920's industrial design, plus geometric patterns, smooth curves, clean lines, 1960/70's sculptural shapes and natural, organic shapes and textures. The colour palette should include warm and earthy colours alongside colours with a 70's and mid century vibes.

Logo and Brand Design Moodboard
Hand drawn lightbulb


Here are the initial logo design concepts presented at PHASE#1 of Pie's logo design process:


Final Design

The final, elegant logo design was derived from Pie's originally presented concept 01. The logo word-mark is suitably created from a typeface known to be influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s. The colour palette has also been adapted to include a softer grey-blue, a dark and light sage green, soft pinks and brighter oranges as beautiful, contrasting accent colours.