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Capture user attention and interaction with

creativity and

blue light...


a touch of

Black pantone swatch

While digital design shares similarities with print design, it's more dynamic, interactive and much more flexible with its ability to be altered or refreshed as and when needed. Pie is on hand to help you enhance your visibility online and connect with a wider audience 
with a strong and consistent digital presence. Encourage interaction with your audience with visually appealing and practical digital graphics that are aligned with your brand's style and core message.

hand drwan squiggly line

Digital design = the creation of visuals, info-graphics and layouts for viewing on a screen and includes:


  • Banner & display adverts
  • E-books
  • Email templates
  • Interactive brochures
  • Digital newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Social media graphics
  • Websites
Hand drawn iphone and ipad with yellow and blue scribbles
Polaroid of silhouettes of people on a graph background
Lined notepaper with typed writing
hand drwan squiggly line
Film strip with Rimblades website and product images

More digital  designs  

Paper with colour swatches
Hand drawn shopping bag with red scribble

E-commerce website design and social media graphics

After helping with the logo re-design, Pie also created the graphics for the 'Mother Earth' website and social media. The website design elements and specifics were supplied as a guide to their website developer who could then build and further develop the site.

E-commerce website design and build

The launch of Rimblades' new 'Original' alloy wheel rim protector product meant an e-commerce website design overhaul! In 2022 Pie designed and built this website working alongside back-end developers from Move Media, which involved creating striking and persuasive graphics to highlight the key benefits and features of the product including; product mocks, promotional banners, associated company logos and customer photos.

Social media, screen presentation, product visuals and e-book design

Expert Herbalist launched with an e-commerce website in 2020 with the view to making natural medicine available to all. The website launch involved creating product graphics, social media graphics, an on screen presentation and a free informative e-book.