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The creative brief questions explained

Project Summary:

Clear, concise description of project – keep this as brief as possible


Target Audience:

Whom are you trying to attract? Be specific to be effective.


Key Messages:

One or two key “thrusts” – those most important to the project’s success.


Key Benefits:

What’s in it for the audience?


Main Competitors:

Who do you consider to be your main competitors?


Marketing Strategy:

Indicate any specific elements to be included (logos, key visual images, key words and phrases, key contact information, specific internet links etc.)


Desired Message Tone:

How do you want the message perceived - creative, fun, warm, active?


Project Timeline:

Indicate any major milestones.


Anticipated Budget:
What budget will you be working with?


Add any key information not covered by the previous items, for example: colours you like, links to websites or images you like, font styles your prefer etc.


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