Logo design : Digital marketing

Feather element used in the final logo design for SME Marketeers

Business type:

  • Somerset digital marketing company
  • Fun and professional
  • Experts in the digital arena
  • Promoting small businesses and start-ups

Project requirements:

  • Logo design
  • Colour palette design
  • Web icons/graphics design

Designing a logo that raises a smile...

The SME Marketeers launched in early 2020 focussing entirely on small and micro businesses, helping them to get set up and trading online. The SME Marketeers ethos is “does what it says on the tin” and their definition of SME cleverly stands for 'Small, Micro and Entrepreneurial' rather than the traditional industry definition which is Small & Medium Enterprises.


The SME Marketeers' whole ethos is to provide marketing advice and guidance but also to help SMEs put themselves back in control. They are friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and fun and wanted this communicated in their logo design.


As there are three marketeers within their business (specialising in different areas of digital marketing) it was requested that their new logo design would hark back to elements of the 'Three Musketeers', whilst remaining contemporary and professional.

SME Marketeers final logo design, by Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
The final SME Marketeers full colour logo design
SME Marketeers simplified logo on chosen colour palette, Design By Pie, Logo Designer, North Devon
SME Marketeers logo in use on their website, logo by Design By Pie, North Devon
One colour versiona of the SME Marketeers logo
Suggested business acrd designs for SME Marketeers, by Design By Pie, Graphic designer North Devon

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