New identity: Minding Each Moment

Mindin Each Moment, mum and baby yoga classes,  logo and illustration in brand colours, bu Design By Pie

Business type:

  • Mother and baby yoga massage/teacher/therapist
  • Massage and yoga therapy classes
  • Mindful/caring
  • Sole trader/small business
  • Based in the South West

Project requirements:

  • Logo design
  • Illustration
  • Leaflet design
  • Pull-up banner design
  • Advert design

Developing the logo design:

In 2017 Andrea approached me to design a logo for her mindful, mum and baby yoga and massage classes, with a strong idea of what she was looking for. I'm always very interested and happy to work with my client's own ideas, bringing them to life and making them work on a practical basis.


Andrea's idea for her logo was sent to me as a rough sketch which included a bright coloured tree and simple shapes that represent a 'family', all cupped with a caring hand. I went on to create a vector interpretation of her idea using a selection of calming greens and blues, contrasted with a vibrant, orange tinted pink.

Client's sketch of desired logo style, logo designer North Devon, Design By Pie
Andrea's sketched idea for her logo
Minding Each Moment final logo design with tree, hand and simple mother and baby icons, designed by Design By Pie, Logo designer North Devon
Design By Pie's vector interpretation of Andrea's logo idea

Illustration of woman meditating under a colourful tree, by Design By Pie, Illustrator, North Devon

Picture of Andrea Osborne the owner of Minding Each Moment, Inspiration for illustrations by Design By Pie

Andrea's bespoke illustrations:


Now that the logo and colour scheme for 'Minding Each Moment' was set, Andrea wanted to start promoting her classes with a new leaflet and a pull up banner.


To effectively personalise the brand we created some bespoke illustrations of a mother, (who's look was based on an image of Andrea), performing various yoga moves and massaging with a cute baby.


The illustrations were intended to add a softer, more approachable feel to the brand and ultimately help to communicate the the types of class activities available.

Creating the printed marketing materials:


Once the bespoke illustrations were created, we made good use of them in Andrea's marketing; a tri-fold leaflet, advert and pull up banner. Minding Each Moment's logo, delicate colour palette and illustrations brilliantly provide the foundation for a trustworthy and recognisable brand.

Outside view of trifold leaflet design for preghnancy yoga leaflet, desiigned by Design By Pie, Graphic designer, North Devon
Inside view of tri-fold leaflet with bespoke illustrations, created for Minding Each Moment by Design By PIe, Graphic Designer, North Devon
Advert design with photographs of mums doing yoga anf massage with babies
Close-up of poster design with illustrations and photographs of mum and baby yoga

Three branded pull up banner designs,  created for Minding Each Moment - Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

Handwritten title 'Kind Words' for testimonial for Design By Pie, Graphic Designer

"I have loved working with Emma at Design By Pie...she can intuitively capture what it is that I’m looking for...


Pie previously created my beautiful logo and more recently developed a more professional branded look for my marketing outreach - and I am super pleased with the results!


I love Emma’s unique illustration style and knew straight away that she could create something wonderful for me - she took the time to understand the 'character and emotion' I was trying to capture and pulled it off brilliantly!


Thank you so much Emma. I look forward to working with you again."



Andrea Osborne | Minding Each Moment | 2019

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