Logo design : Bach Wood Works

Bach Woodworks Logo Design by Design By Pie, Graphic Designer North Devon

Business type:

  • Wood turning / Hand crafted wooden gifts
  • Chainsaw mill
  • CNC products & plans
  • North Devon Sole Trader

Project requirements:

  • Logo design

Creating a logo worthy of an artisan wood worker...

Bach Woodworks Original Logo
Bach Wood Works original logo

Chris of Bach Wood Works, is based in North Devon, was looking for a professional logo for his wood turning business - that better represented the uniqueness, quality and personal touch of the items he produces.


Chris designed his original logo many years ago and though it served a purpose, it felt like time to hand the designing over to a professional...


Step in 'Pie'!...


A number of the exquisite wooden bowls, vases and platters that Chris produces are available to buy on Etsy and the Bach Wood Works website. A more contemporary and well considered logo would undoubtedly add more value to Chris' company and communicate more clearly that he is: good at what he does and would ultimately help towards creating a more unique, consistent and recognisable brand identity.

We created a new striking logo
that features a fingerprint

(which cleverly represents wood rings too)
merged with a saw blade
as a nod to Chris' original design...

Bach Wood Works Final Full Colour Logo, by Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
Bach Wood Works' final full colour logo in dark brown and burnt orange
Bach Wood Works final logo in use on the business website
Bach Wood Works final logo in use on the business website
Bach Woodworks final logo icon in the brand colours, Design By Pie, North Devon
Bach Wood Works Instagram page with new logo icon, designed by Design By Pie, Logo designer, North Devon
Bach Woodworks Instargarm page with new logo icon
Photo of woodtrurning logo burned into wood in Chris' workshop
Bach Woodworks one colour logo by Design By Pie, Logo Designer North Devon

"Kind Words" Handwrittten text, graphic title, Desdign By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

“I was attracted to a logo Design By Pie because of Emma's humourous and quirky styling apparent across her website...


The fact that Emma (AKA Pie) called me on the phone, taking the time and effort to learn more about me,

the business and my ideas before even suggesting an approach or price told me that

she was a total professional and committed to working with me for me. 

Despite the challenges of discussing creative and visual ideas via email and over the phone

during a pandemic communication through out the process was prompt, clear and informative.


overall I couldn't be happier with the end result.”


Chris Davies-Barnard - Sept 2020

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