"What's Happening?" 2016

A Graphic Book Project Inspired By You

An Introduction

Back when I was a young, stumbling undergraduate and studying a 'Graphics' degree in South Wales - one of our final projects had the vague and exciting title of "What's happening?".   I love any art that is intended solely as an expression (and not corporate or profit driven) so I chose to create a picture book (a coffee table book if you like) full of illustrations, photography and graphic imagery that translated a common idea.


But what idea?....





The Concept

In the few years after 9/11 and the beginning of the Iraq war it became increasingly apparent to me that; what was being reported in the news and what truly concerned everyday people on an every day basis was quite different.


So I made it my mission to involve as many anonymous 'subjects' as possible to inspire new art to depict this notion. I drew up a simple questionnaire asking people: "What's the most significant thing that has happened to you today?"..... (as a start) .... "This year?".... "The last five years?"....and...."Ever?"


The answers people gave me were full of wonderful possibilities. The responses I received were: open, amusing, harrowing, dull, insightful, personal, uplifting...

and above all, honest.


I could not have been happier!



The 2016 Project

I am now looking to re-approach this project with the new design skills and "wisdom" I have acquired over the last ten years or so.  I hope to then self publish a book full of wonderful new images expressing the real thoughts and feelings of real people.


I would appreciate honest input - so please also pass this link on to your friends and family too. The wider the demographic I am in contact with, the better I can graphically represent the times we are currently in.



Thank you for showing an interest in my project x

Tell me what's happening with you....

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You are free to fill in all or specific boxes and be as brief or as detailed as you like

Just be honest!

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