Logo refresh and poster design : North Devon Symphony Orchestra

Logo Design on leaflet for North Devon Sinfonia, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

Organisation type:

  • North Devon Sinfonia, (small symphony orchestra)
  • Live performers
  • Traditional/classical
  • Professional

Project requirements:

  • Logo re-design
  • Pull-up banner design
  • Leaflet design
  • Poster design

Upcoming festival encourages logo re-think...


In early 2019 I was approached by North Devon Sinfonia (NDS) who were planning a new festival for both children and established classical music lovers. The growth and popularity of this small symphony orchestra encouraged the creation new events and new, broader appeal. Their current logo was a little tired and (though suitable for a website) there was no flexibility to print the NDS logo at a large scale, which became restricting.


To promote the NDS festival,new for 2019, offering workshops for the young folk and live performances for the classical music enthusiasts - North Devon Sinfonia knew that well placed 'pull up' banners, posters and flyers would help spread the word and encourage visitors, both old and new.


The first step...re-approach the design of the logo:

Our challenge was to create a new logo with much more printing flexibility and a wider general appeal, whilst keeping the key elements of the original logo...


North Devon Sinfonia's original logo:

North Devon Sinnfonia Original Logo, Deer Jumping a Fence, Logo Designer, North Devon

North Devon Sinfonia's new logo:

The most important elements of the new logo were inspired by the original - the suggestion of an iconic stag, musical notes and the use of the 'Devon Flag' green. The logo was then rolled out among the various platforms that NDS needed to promote their new event for 2019:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Pull up banners
  • Cover for programme
  • Social media graphics
  • Promotional/activity stickers
Close-up of Norrth Drvon Sinfonia Festival 2019 Leaflet Design, North Devon, Graphic Designer
North Devon Sinfonia Pull Up Banner Close-up, North Devon Graphic Designer
North Devon Sinfonia Pull Up Banner Full View, North Devon Graphic Designer

Following the festival's logo, leaflet and pull up banner designs, North Devon Sinfonia required new promotional posters for their upcoming events:

Norrth Devon Sinfonia : 'An Evening with Russia'  Poster Design, North Devon, Graphic Designer
Street Mock of Norrth Devon Sinfonia : 'Emily Sun'  Poster Design, North Devon, Graphic Designer

A new, re-composed, socially distanced concert;

Close-up of North Devon Sinfonia poster for concert in August 2021
North Devon Sinfonia posters in brand green and blue on a college campus wall, surrounded by bushes
Mock-up of A5 leaflets for North DEevon Sinfonia 'Recomposed' concert 2021, by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

And for 2022...

North Devon Sinfonia poster pasted roughly on college entrance, Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
North Devon Sinfonia March 2022 Concert poster design by Design by Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon
"Kind Words" Handwrittten text, graphic title, Desdign By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

"Design by Pie has been wonderfully speedy in producing ideas,

and then acting on our suggestions.
When needed, Emma turned some work round in a very few hours

to enable us to reach a copy date.
Love her work and will continue to use Design by Pie."


Rod.M - 2018

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