Graphic Design

Visual Communication for Print & Web

I love to help clients establish and maintain a strong and clear visual message, across both print and digital...


I still believe that print is a wonderful, tactile way to communicate with and captivate your audience. Even in this 'digital age' the effectiveness of the printed page should not be ignored.


When advertising with print or online it's important that your designs are consistent with your business brand and in keeping with your company's core message. I specialise in (but am not limited to) producing professional designs for print. I can also work with you on various online graphics including web banners, google adverts, social media posts and other online advertising.

Affordable Logo Design

and Branding

I create professional logo designs and affordable branding ideas for new and established businesses...


Your logo and brand is often the first visual impression you will make on your customers so it's really important to get it right.


Allow me to craft you a simple and memorable logo that will be unmistakably 'you' and a logo that you will love!


Bespoke Illustration

Hand Drawn or Vectorised

Oftentimes illustrations can communicate something about your product or campaign that photography alone cannot.


Are you looking for hand drawn illustrations? Designs created by the human hand are in beautiful contrast to the slick, digital styles we've  become used to. Integrating hand-drawn illustrations into graphic design projects can be highly effective visually.


Vector illustrations have a more polished look and have the benefit of being scalable - so you can use the same illustration for a small business card and a huge billboard. The style of vector illustrations is quite different to the hand drawn image - think clean lines and block colours.


I have illustrated for children's books, activity worksheets, gift wrap, advertising and more. Get in touch if you are looking for a local designer with a flexible illustration style.

Design By Pie's Creative (English Bull Terrier) Assistant "Scout"

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