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Graphic Design

Visual Communication for Print & Web

I help clients to establish and maintain a strong visual message that cleverly communicates and pleasantly captivates their audience.


>This is done by creating professional and engaging designs for marketing across various mediums: .Printed marketing is a wonderful, tactile way to engage with your audience - even in this digital age the effectiveness of the printed page can't be ignored. I specialise in producing designs for leaflets, flyers, brochures, handbooks, business stationery, packaging, gift vouchers, membership cards, vehicle sign-writing, signage, posters, greeting cards, invitations, packaging, billboard advertising, signage, editorials and adverts and more!


Marketing via websites and social media platforms is also effective and even more so when your advertising is consistent with your business brand and in keeping with your company's core message. I can work with you on website graphics, web banners, google adverts, social media posts and other online advertising.

Logo Design

and Branding

I create unique and affordable logos and branding ideas for small business start-ups and established businesses alike.


Your logo and brand is often the first visual impression you will make on your customers so it's really important to get it right - so I dig deep to find out as much as I can about you and your story.


Allow me to craft you a simple and memorable logo that will be unmistakably 'you'. A logo that you will love! I am proud to have a number of logo designs in my portfolio - see some examples here.

Bespoke Illustration

Hand Drawn or Vectorised

Having a bespoke illustration created for your campaign or product will ensure you will stand out from your competitors.


Are you looking for hand drawn illustrations? Designs created by the human hand are in beautiful contrast to the slick, digital styles we have become used to. Integrating hand-drawn illustrations into graphic design projects is no doubt alluring and highly effective visually.


Or are you looking for vector illustrations that follow a more polished digital process?  Vector illustrations have the benefit of being scalable - so you can use the same illustration for a business card and also for billboard advertising! The style of vector illustrations is quite different to the hand drawn image...think cleaner lines and block colours.


I have illustrated designs for children's books, activity worksheets, gift wrap, advertising and more. Get in touch if you are looking for a local designer with a flexible illustration style.

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