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Mud Mountain is one of the leading importers of Italian terracotta pots based in Taunton. They offer a specialist range of hand made Tuscan terracotta vases, olive jars and urns that are not available from most traditional garden centers and retailers. Lorrayne from Mud Mountain approached me to design them a logo that reflected the nature and quality of their business.

Lorrayne's Testimonial

I wanted someone who would listen to my ideas but have the imagination to come up with their own
and that is exactly what I got with Emma.


Communication was great and the end result was delivered within the agreed timescale. I also had in mind to find a designer who would work with me on an ongoing basis so, as my company and marketing needs grew, I could discuss future plans, picking up where I dropped of and not having to explain my vision all over again.


There's an awful lot of designers out there but I’m very happy I chose Design By Pie.


Lorrayne Scott-Collins | Mud Mountain | April 2016

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