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When setting up a CrossFit gym Alex wanted a unique logo and "one that's not just a squiggle and a line in blue, or just the name in a fancy font".


Alex's brilliant idea for a name was 'CrossFit Wolfram'. Wolfram otherwise known as Tungsten is an element most remarkable for its robustness and it has the highest melting point of all the elements discovered. As CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program - this was  a great starting point for forging some creative ideas.



Tungsten, or wolfram, is a chemical element
with symbol W and atomic number 74.

”Wolf rahm” the German expression meaning “Wolf Froth”



Alex and I talked about designs he liked, font styles he preferred and after playing with various ideas relating to tungsten, we decided to explore the concept that was based on the body centered cubic crystal structure of tungsten.


Alex's Testimonial

"Working with Design By Pie was an absolute pleasure. From the outset Emma was enthusiastic and helpful, asking questions to expand her knowledge from the initial brief on my logo idea. She not only worked quickly produced several great concepts (which exactly matched the ideas we had discussed regarding what I felt my logo should look like) but then went a lot further based on her own research into similar companies and word association. The final result was perfect and I am extremely happy that I chose Design By Pie. I look forward to using them for all my future design needs!"


Alexander Nimmo | Crossfit Wolfram | June 2017

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