Information brochure for BootUp Pc

Spencer from Boot Up PC was looking for a brochure that covered all the services of his Taunton based, I.T. solutions business. His ideal brochure would not be too technical but promote a friendly and approachable feel to his company. 

The use of strong, brand led colours, simple icons and illustrations helped to create a visually digestible and informative brochure. 

The icons and graphics were also created for use on their website to help keep a strong visual message and meet the expectations of anyone who visited the website after seeing their new brochure.

Spencer's Testimonial

"Emma is a delight to work with. It's taken me five years to get a brochure together and the frustrations I've normally had around graphic design is that the process is always to reliant on myself giving ideas. Not with Emma. She really understood what I wanted and delivered a brochure that looks amazing.
I really did get a good slice of the Pie!"


Spencer Blackaller | Director at Boot Up PC | 2015

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