Pie: A freelance graphic designer


My real name is Emma.

I'm 43 years old and live in beautiful North Devon with my naughty English Bull Terrier 'Scout' (pictured).


I love the lifestyle that freelancing offers me, but after over a decade of design experience I'm not looking to expand Design by Pie into a high earning creative agency and manage lots of staff.


My aspiration is to work with integrity and keep things keep things within my grasp and as simple as possible.


I offer all clients an experienced and straightforward, creative approach to their design projects. And an in-touch working relationship with a full understanding of what it takes to run a business from the ground up.


...oh, and lovely, creative designs, of course!

Design By Pie's BOSS "Scout', the English Bull Terrior
Pie's BOSS "Scout"

"I love to create designs free from the pressure of large overheads, middle management and corporate agenda. So here I am."


Emma - AKA Pie

Why hire a freelance designer?/Why hire Pie?

Aesthetics speak volumes.


Graphics, good or bad, possess the power to make or break your client’s first impression of you. That critical first impression is definitely something worth investing in. Hiring an experienced graphic designer can help to boost your brand with visual story telling and brand style consistency.



Affordability is paramount.


When running a small business, affording in-house graphic designers or outsourcing your design work to large agencies can be very expensive. Freelancers don't have the usual overheads, huge workload or middle management meetings, so they might be a better option for you.


Pie can guarantee that you will always be dealing with the same person,(no receptionists, account managers, or design juniors here!). There may be the odd, barky, interruption from Pie's boss; 'Scout', (a gorgeous, head strong English Bull Terrier), but her outbursts are minimal and mostly entertaining!

Just Pie. From initial conversation to finalising the finished piece(s).


'Pie' will be your only point of contact throughout the design process. Over the years this has proved to build smarter working relationships and helps towards focusing and understanding an individuals personality and personal goals.



Practical design solutions.


Pie aims to provide meaningful and practical design solutions for your projects, whether a logo design, brochure design, social media post design and advertising or a revamped brand identity.


With over a decade of graphic design experience, Pie is available to provide you with friendly, professional graphic design service, whether you need creative input for a 'one-off' project or ongoing graphic design support.


Have questions about your project?

I'm always available for a chat.

Pie's approach:

  • Laid back yet professional
    I work from home and have done so successfully for many years with many recurring clients, on a completely remote basis. Most of my communication is done via email or phone. No, not mobile, good old landline. (I save Zoom calls for 'good hair days', which have been pretty scarce, I'll admit since March 2020!)

    If you are interested in working with me, or have any questions about your project, initially, send me an email or give me a quick call on my landline. I'd love to hear about your project, what your hopes for your (new) venture(s) are and how I could help and provide great design solutions.

  • Straight talking and empathetic
    I'm always happy to give design advice and/or a professional opinion within my field. But please know that I'm solely here to support your graphic design needs, not to give you business advice.

    I'm here to provide an efficient and creative edge to your design needs, whether a one off project or a long term collaboration. I'll look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Pie's experience:

  • 2005
    Graduated with
    First Class Hons Degree in Graphics. University of Wales Newport
  • 2006
    Large format print pre-press artworker. Cardiff, South Wales
  • 2007
    New product designer. Hyde, Greater Manchester
  • 2010
    Gift wrap & greeting card designer.
    Skelmesdale, Greater Manchester
  • 2011
    Employed print graphic designer/Freelance Designer. Taunton,
  • 2011-2015
    Employed w
    eb designer/Freelance graphic designer. Taunton, Somerset
  • 2016-2022
    Freelance graphic designer.
    North Devon