Emma Haynes AKA Pie
"PIe" and her bully "Scout"

Nice to meet you!

I'm 'Pie', an experienced graphic designer & illustrator based in beautiful North Devon.

My real name is Emma.


I'm 39 and live in North Devon with my naughty English Bull Terrier "Scout".


I have been a graphic designer in one form or another since I graduated with a First Class Hons degree back in 2005.


In 2011 I decided to become a freelance graphic designer and offer my own clients a more intimate, affordable service and I have never looked back!


Even after 12 years of design experience I'm not looking to take over the world with Design by Pie, nor am I looking to expand into a high earning creative agency with lots of staff.

My goal is to keep things as simple as possible and to keep things within my grasp.


So, I can't say that you will see branches of "Design by Pie" opening up in London, New York or Paris. But I can promise you a personal, in-touch working relationship and an understanding of what it takes to run a business from the ground up.

"I love to create designs free from the pressure of large overheads, middle management and corporate agenda. So here I am."

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