Design by Pie: The logo design process

There are 3 key phases to the logo design process:

Research/Defining the brand/Logo concept design
Which includes:


Initial research and evaluating the brand

• Industry related image and design research for inspiration
• Competitor research - collating data on competitor design styles etc
• Exploring unrelated brand styles of inspiration (eg: art, textile design, packaging)
• Create mood boards for each brand style/logo direction


Logo concept development

• Logo concept sketching and conceptualising
• Drafting digital designs in vector software
• Establishing font styles and brand colour palette
• Creating variations of the designs (Eg: Full colour/One colour/Landscape/Portrait)



Initial concept presentation

• Create appropriate mock ups/visuals of the logo in use (Eg: on business cards, apparel - as appropriate)
• Produce a presentation bringing together all logo designs concepts, colour palettes etc) showcasing all three design concepts and outlining the key elements of each concept for client review.







Concept review/Client feedback/Refining the design

Which includes:


• One round of amendments to one or more of the initial logo designs is included in the cost quoted provided that the requests do not fall outside the initial brief or exceed 30 mins work. (Examples might include: changing font style, altering colours, adding a strap-line, merging two concepts, adding a frame or other small design detail).

After the first round of amendments, any further developments, tweaks or amendments to the initial concept(s) will be charged for at the standard hourly rate.

• Further development/amendments to the design(s) will be addressed and re-sent for re-viewing/approval within 5 -10 working days.





Delivering the design

After 'client sign off' of the final design:


• Supply a library of web and print ready files of the final logo in all variations (Eg: Full colour, one colour, black, white, portrait landscape, social media profile) for the clients future use


• Supply a brief logo guidelines document - outlining specific colour references for both print and web, any font styles used, logo spacing, presentation rules and list all files supplied.