Professional logo design: by Design by Pie

Creating logo designs and bold brands with love and reason...

What should you expect from a logo designer?

Your logo should be strong.

And unique to you. A strong logo is easily identifiable at a glance, is balanced, memorable and will use appropriate, meaningful typography, icons and colours to communicate the right message to your specific audience in seconds.


Experience = results.

Designing a perfectly functional logo requires years of experience and an understanding of print and website design processes.



Future flexibility.

Once you've signed off the design, Pie provides you with a folder of all the final logo files, suitable for use on both screen or print projects. This would include print .pdf, .ai, .jpg, .eps and web ready .jpg, .png and .svg.

All logos are created and supplied as vectors.

This means your logo will be able to be used in all possible scales without any loss of resolution or clarity. You'll be able to use your logo for an online profile picture, business cards, letterhead or billboard!



And finally...

You'll be supplied with a brief logo guidelines document that outlines the specific colours, spacing rules and fonts used to create your logo (and how maintain its integrity moving forward). So, you'll soon have the basic tools to start building and growing your brand and its related style, consistently, on any other platform.


With the logo guidelines document you'll also have the flexibility to work with other skilled design professionals that you may hire on your brand's journey.






Invest in a logo created by Design by Pie:


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