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Investing in a professional logo is an essential part of any business journey and is an integral part of building a good relationship with your customers. A well designed logo will not only set you apart from your competitors, it will also serve as a mark of competence and trust.


There are many things to consider when designing a logo:

strong logos are easily identifiable at a glance, balanced, simple, memorable and use appropriate typography and colours to communicate the right message. The flexibility to use the logo for all required print and web projects is also essential.


Designing effective logos requires an understanding of print processes and website design - you'll need the flexibility to use your logo in any marketing situation.

All logos designed 'by Pie' start as vectors. This means your logo will be ready for use as a graphic as small as a business card or big enough for van signage. Your logo can change colour easily and could be scaled up as large as a billboard if required, with no loss of sharpness.


As part of Design By Pie's logo design package: you'll also be supplied with a brief logo guidelines document that will outline the specific colours, spacing rules and fonts used to create your logo and how maintain its integrity moving forward.


This means you'll have the basic perimeters to start building and growing your 'brand' consistently on other platforms and have confidence to work with other skilled professionals that will help you on your journey... 

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Design By Pie's logo design process:

The process begins:

A big dig for information

A lot of thought and research goes into getting your logo design just right. So, gathering essential information about your business, your competitors and your potential clients is an important part of the process.Your own design preferences are also very important to know at this stage. There is a handy little online form here that will prompt you for the basic information needed to make that happen!


Approaching the design: The initial concepts

Once the basic information is gathered, work will begin on the initial logo design concepts.


The aim is to present a minimum of three different initial concepts - each fulfilling the brief, yet going in quite different directions.

Some concepts will be presented with mood boards showing relative information and inspiration to affirm the design direction.


Finalising the design: Creating the logo you love!

Once the initial concepts have been reviewed, it's at this stage that any required tweaks or edits to the chosen logo design can be made to get it exactly right.


Once the final design is realised you will be provided with various print and web ready files of your logo along with basic logo guidelines document for your future reference and use.


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If you are interested in a logo design by Pie, please read through my terms of hire.

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