Product Design for NEW Teaching Resources 

Logo Design for Children's Money Management Resource, Design By Pie, Taunton
Product Logo Design
Character Design for Budget Brans Money Management Teaching Resource, product Design, Design By Pie, Taunton Somerset
Character Folders from Budget Brains Resource © Findel Education

About Budget Brains

Budget Brains is an exciting and innovative hands-on resource designed to teach children important life skills such as budgeting and personal finance. Including comprehensive character packs, allowing children to understand the needs of their character and make informed and responsible decisions with their characters budget.

Each character is portrayed in 'top trump' style with their incomes, number of family members, marital status, mortgage/rent arrangements etc. The task for each pupil is to follow each character through their financial dealings – taking ownership of their spending and budgeting whilst recording their transactions and tracking their balances. Budget Brains aims to install real financial awareness amongst the next generation of consumers.

Educational Product Design, Illustration, Design By Pie
Example of a Shopping Catalogue from Budget Brains
Close up of catalogue page
Close up of catalogue page

Product Design, Dizzy Tron, Design By Pie, Somerset
3D Visualisation of Original Concept
Character Design, Illustration, Logo Design Design By Pie, Taunton

About Dizzy Tron

Dizzy Tron is a floor robot that can be used in the classroom as an introduction to control, directional language and early programming for young children. With its child friendly features, this attractive robot has its own unique character and is a fun and friendly way to incorporate ICT skills into your maths lessons.

Snakes & Ladders Style Activity Mat for Dizzy Tron
Snakes & Ladders Style Activity Mat for Dizzy Tron

Note: All work shown here was created whilst in employment with Findel Education (© Fiindel Education).

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