Giftware, Gift Wrap, Greeting Card and Gift Bag Designs

Children's Greeting Card Designs

In an over-saturated retail market, new products and packaging demand great design aesthetics that capture the attention of the end user...

With an expert understanding of the commercial market and flexible illustration style Design By Pie can create a unique product designs that will capture your target market.

Halloween Party Set Design, Design By Pie, Taunton, Somerset

Note: All work shown here was created whilst in emplyment with Eurowrap and is therefor all work is © Eurowrap

Gift Wrap Design, Design By Pie, Taunton, Somerset
Gift Wrap Design, 'Cute Christmas'
Gift Bag Designs, Design By Pie, Taunton, Somerset
Gift Bag Design, Design By Pie, Taunton, Somerset

Product & packaging design Design By Pie, Taunton
Product & packaging design for 'Hen Night' games

Gift Wrap and Repeat Pattern Design

Repeat patterns that are ideal for gift wrap or various types of branded packaging. Unique designs could be printed onto paper or polythene bags, packing tissue and ribbons.  Repeat designs could also be used for wallpaper if you are looking for a unique design for your room.

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