Interested in working with Pie?: Great! Please read through these simple terms of hire below.


Pie will be able to provide you a free quote via email based on an initial phone conversation or receipt of your online brief, but if the project is particularly complicated, we can arrange a Zoom meeting, or phone call so we can discuss the project in more depth.


The quote will outline the cost for the work we've discussed. Once the cost is agreed, the agreed cost is final. Any further work that falls outside the original quote or brief supplied will need to be quoted for separately.



A 50% deposit of the quoted design cost will be paid and cleared into the company bank account before any work begins.


The final 50% of the quoted design cost will be billed on the 'sign off' of the final artwork and will be paid and cleared before any final/print ready work is delivered to the client.


The costs for further work (that falls outside the original quote or brief supplied) will be quoted for and agreed with the client before any work commences and the the cost will be added to the final 50% invoice unless otherwise agreed.


The final 50% payment invoice will be automatically sent for payment 30 days after initial designs have been submitted to the client. It is the client's responsibility to come back to Design By Pie with feedback or amends within that period.


Note: The client is paying for the delivery of the final design product, see additional notes on files supplied below.



An end date will be agreed with you before work starts. Every effort will be made on my behalf to keep to this deadline. Efforts will be made to inform the client if this for any reason, deadline is unachievable. A 'rush fee' will be applied if work is requested to be finished ahead of the previously agreed deadline. This cost will be negotiated before rush work is started.


Design Amendments

One round of amendments to one or more of the initial designs/drafts is always included in the quoted cost as long as the changes do not fall outside the initial brief provided or exceed 10mins work. After that, any further developments, tweaks or amendments to the initial design(s) will be charged for at the standard hourly rate (minimum charge of 15mins). Any additional cost will be agreed with the client prior to any further work commencing and will be added to the final payment invoice.



It is the clients responsibility to check the design proofs for errors before the file(s) are sent to print. A sign off statement will be emailed along with the proofs outlining the responsibility of the client. Any re-printing costs due to errors will be the responsibility of the client not Design By Pie.


Files Supplied

Any electronic files supplied to the client are for the stated use only and not to be changed or adapted or reused without written permission from Design By Pie. If the client wishes to have copies of the source/master files, (including images, layered files and vector graphics) this can be negotiated and will be chargeable.



Once all invoices have been paid the client has copyright of the final artwork/logo produced by Design By Pie.

Design By Pie keeps the copyright for any work that is not paid for and any designs produced in the development/concept stage of any project (anything other than the final signed off artwork).



Paying the first deposit acts as an agreement to the above terms.


The above terms are subject to change.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Pie's terms of hire, please don't hesitate to get in contact