Graphic design : Unisex salon

Loose Ends Unisex Hair and Beauty Salon graphic with a lady in center and brand logos, designed by Design By Pie, Graphic designer

Business Type:

  • Independent hair and beauty salon
  • Somerset based
  • Established

Project Requirements:

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Printed price list design
  • Leaflet design
  • Voucher design

Front and back of an A6 postcard design, in pink white and black, designed for Loose Ends Salon, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer
Loose Ends Salon A6 postcard design promoting offers, 2018

Brand consistency is key...

I've worked with the owner of 'Loose Ends Salon', Claire since 2016. Over the years we've created a number of printed marketing materials (leaflets, price lists, vouchers and adverts) and website graphics to promote her established hair and beauty salon based in Wellington, Somerset.


The already established logo and branding for 'Loose Ends' consisted of contemorary lettering and a striking colour pallet of black, pink and white. When Claire decided to open the 'beauty' side of the business in 2017, a new logo that worked well alongside the original 'unisex hair salon' design was needed to identify the new side to the business.


The definate style of the 'Loose Ends' brand made it very easy to create new, recognisable and consistent designs...

A5 double sided leaflet in pink black and white designed for Somerset based salon
A5 double sided leaflet design, 2017
Pink and black A6 folded printed price list designed for Loosed Ends salon by Design By Pie
A6 folded price list, 2017

DL gift voucher design in pink, black and white created for Loose Ends Salon, by Design By Pie, Graphic Designer
Back side of DL gift voucher design in pink black and white, designed for Somerset based salon, by Design By Pie, Graphic designer, North Devon

The website re-design:

The original 'Loose Ends' Wordpress website, designed in 2014 was becoming quite outdated by the time we hit 2020. The main issue was that the website was not mobile friendly, which obstructs the customer experience considerably.


With at least 50% of people accessing the internet through their phones, a mobile responsive website was the only way to move forward. So we decided to build a new design, much more mobile friendly, in 'Jimdo-Dolphin', a relatively new, simply structured, easy to use, online website builder (much like WIX)- with the view that the owner of Loose Ends Salon could manage the website herself that was what she wanted.

Hair salon website homepage design shown on a desktop (mac) computer, with beautiful girl with a piink overlay
Website design for hair salon shown in sections in brand style, designed by Design By Pie, Website designer, North Devon

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