Brand design : Expert Herbalist

Image of Expert Herbalist product and e-book, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer North Devon

Business type:

  • Health care
  • Well-being
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Traditional
  • Expert/trained

Project requirements:

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Label design
  • E-book design
  • Leaflet design
  • Social media/website graphics

The launch of a new online brand...


I’ve known and worked with Matthew Jackson since 2017. He's an entrepreneurial Osteopath, trained herbalist and the owner of the Somerset Health Practice in Glastonbury. We've worked together on various graphic design projects for his Health Practice, examples of which you can see below.


Alongside running The Somerset Health Practice, Matthew also pursued his passion for (and professional training in) 'herbalism'- the tradition of studying and using herbs for their healing properties. With many tried an tested herbal formulas under his belt, he was keen to make them available to all. I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to develop a unique brand to be advertised and sold online.

Every product deserves a strong and appealing brand

In the search for the right tone for this specialist, natural, well-being product, Matthew and I explored a few different ideas for the brand name and accompanying identity. After much research into packaging, potential competitors and successful organic food and skincare brands, we developed Celtic inspired and delicate floral designs alongside different brand names that had a link to Glastonbury and Somerset.

Concepts:  Packaging and logo design ideas for Herbalist company, Design BY Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

It was during the development of our initial ideas that an edgier, more contemporary design was realised.


A simple and clean design, softened by the use of a natural sage green and fantastic, vintage medicinal plant illustrations. It was at this point that the straightforward and assertive ‘Expert Herbalist’ was decided upon for the brand name.

Logo design and brand concept for Expert Herbalist, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

The vintage illustrations contrasted nicely with the clean, contemporary logo and created the visual balance that we were looking for. Together they perfectly represent both the traditional and the contemporary sides to this up-coming,

well-being brand.


In line with the brand's organic and eco-freindly ethos Matthew's view was to use 100% recyclable packaging, so we decided on packaging the product in simple, sealable kraft bags that could be easily posted to the customer and recycled after use.

Final label designs for Expert Herbbalist packets, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

In December 2019 the brand was launched with the assistance of The SME Marketeers, who developed the e-commerce website and online marketing strategy, alongside myself, a copywriter and freelance journalist. Together, we created a leaflet that would be sent out with the herb orders, introducing the herbs and the brand to Matthew's newest customers.

Examples of leaflet design for Expert Herbbalist Brandinng, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer

In late 2019, nine season specific herbal formulas were created for the initial brand/product launch, alongside a carefully written and designed e-book - as an introduction to ‘Expert Herbalist’ and the benefits of selecting herbs that work with the body’s natural healing ability.

 ebook design for Expert Herbalist Brandinng, Design By Pie, Graphic Designer

Graphics were then created to promote the launch of the new Expert Herbalist products through Google and various social media platforms. All graphics were consistently designed in line with the brand style, collectively telling the story of the 'Expert Herbalist' brand and it's ethos.

"Kind Words" Handwrittten text, graphic title, Desdign By Pie, Graphic Designer, North Devon

"Emma has been a pleasure to work with.

I have found her a good listener, and always accessible to discuss things.

I have valued her experience, which helps me to understand

what I am trying to communicate through design.
She has been resourceful when understanding my budgets,

very quick and efficient with her work.

I have always been very pleased with her work

and admire her creative talent!"

Matthew Jackson | Somerset Health Practice

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