Rimsavers exhibition stand for Automechanika at the NEC

Darren's brief for the show stand was to replicate the front of the Rimsavers product box on the main exhibition stand graphic. The bundle also included a pop up counter that you could print graphics on both the front and top.
As I have worked on the box design for the Rimsavers product I am familiar with the brands vision. To make the designs easier to imagine in situe  I came up with two design visuals for him to choose from. See these and the final product below.

Rimsavers Exhibition Stand Design Visuals

"I've worked with Emma at Design by Pie for the last three years.
I give her a problem and she finds a solution - every time.
I tell her my ideas and she gets what I want.
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I long for the design skills she has, but with her being both local and well priced,
I don't need to worry about my lack of skill as she has that in abundance!

Emma has designed my website, product packaging, business cards, sales literature and magazine adverts.
Her work is shipped worldwide and has been seen by millions of people.
I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a conscientious freelance designer."

Darren Bowden | Director | Rimsavers | July 2016

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