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Letterhead re-design & AFrame

Michael Dodds approached me via my website in July 2015 requesting the creation of a-frame sign and letterhead that conveyed the ethos of quality positive healthcare distinct from traditional therapies, but that doesn't alienate the lay public.


Michael Dodds BSP Physiotherapy based in Taunton, Somerset has an established and strong brand identity which I used as guideline for my designs. I used clear contact information for the poster and a-frame alongside client's testimonials and bold branding elements.


The a-frame was to be shared with Hill & Associates, who are based at the same location, so I created their design using cues from their website.


Various designs for the letterheads were presented to Michael, who decided to also use the design on A4 notepads, a useful tool during his client consultations.



"I have found Emma's interest, dedication and professionalism a refreshing change from my experience with this field. If those qualities are important to you then look no further than Design by Pie."


Michael Dodds | Michael Dodds BPS Physiotherapy | October 2015

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